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Luxembourgish Civil Law

Luxembourgish Employment Law

Luxembourgish Real Estate and Construction Law

Luxembourgish Commercial and Company Law

Dr. Henseler & Partner Lawyers Tax Advisors offer their clients a wide range of services also in the areas of law concerning cross-border commuters: In addition to representing you in various objection and lawsuit proceedings based on, for example, a tax assessment notice, we will comprehensively inform you about the liability of managing directors or the board of directors for tax debts of a company and, if necessary, defend you against the liability assessment notice. In addition, cross-border commuters from Luxembourg with tax law problems (e.g. income tax returns or tax liability) can also turn to us.

Luxembourg law

If you are a German company active in Luxembourg or wish to set up a company in Luxembourg, you will be confronted with numerous legal hurdles. During your planning, you will be informed by us about important differences between German and Luxembourg law. The same applies to projects in the field of construction and real estate law.

In cross-border labour law relationships, we advise both employers and employees. This primarily involves advice at the beginning of the employment relationship, i.e. the drafting of the employment contract, but also special arrangements during the ongoing employment relationship.

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